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The Black Athlete Revolt: The Sport Justice Movement in the Age of #BlackLivesMatter (Rowman and Littlefield, 2023) 

The Black Athlete Revolt is the first book to take a historical and contemporary look at how Black athletes have used their influence to move beyond protests and create substantial change for Black Americans. Spanning from the civil rights movement to today, this book reveals the ever evolving and important role of Black athlete activism. Specifically, The Black Athlete Revolt explores the influence of black athletes since the late 19th century, through the Civil Rights Movement, and into today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement. As society fights to go from protest to policy reform, the revitalization of athlete activism in recent years has sparked a new platform: The Sport Justice Movement. This book details the ascension of this movement, where it is presently, and what’s next.

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​Sport for the Global Good: Towards a Theory of Social Responsibility (Forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2024)

This book puts theory to practice by developing a model for corporate social responsibility and sport. First, this book provides a foundational platform for scholars to examine the role that sport organizations (i.e., professional teams, sport apparel organizations) play in making our society better. Secondly, this book provides an avenue for sport executives to evaluate their current CSR initiatives to sustain and/or implement new strategies. Lastly, this book develops the focus of sport as platform for good based on the United Nations push to use sport as a part of its Sustainable Development Goals.

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